Best Virtual space Apps for Pubg Mobile 2021

By | January 20, 2021

Virtual Space App is the best app for Pubg

Clone apps run in parallel and work independently of their original apps. They won’t automatically get updates so you can run and run the original app with the stable version. The best virtual space app is the ZET server. Best Virtual space Apps for Pubg Mobile 2021

App cloning can be useful when using multiple logins in apps like Facebook, Twitter or Skype at the same time but the real fun starts with roaming with one app. App Cloner offers a number of editing options to create new copies of the app.

You can change the app name and icon. you can revoke permissions or allow the Clone app to be installed on an external SD card. You can disable auto start, app backup or app defaults. Or turn your app into a floating window app.

The app can enhance the clone app to add cloner functionality, such as password protection, privacy practices, hiding Android ID or spreading it in places. You can force the app to use data over Wi-Fi only. Each update will add more options.

Best Virtual space Apps for Pubg Mobile 2020 APK Best App

Premium version features

The free version allows basic cloning. Upgrade to Premium to enjoy the full set of options:

Show options:

Filtering apps and free form windows

Change status, navigation and toolbar colors

Change the rotation lock

Resize app display size, language, font and font size

Keep the screen on deep mode

Enable multi-window support Cloning an app will change its certificate, meaning that the clone will not work if the application corrects the certificate or uses advanced copy protection.

How to install? Best Virtual space Apps

To install a clone from your device you need to enable Settings> Security> Unknown Sources. If the install button is inactive or does not click, you will need to temporarily disable overlay apps such as Twilight.

Anti-virus apps can serve as a warning for cloned apps. These warnings are false positives and can be ignored. This is due to the unofficial certificate used to sign the clones.

Premium version supports 20 clones. You can support app cloner development and open 1000 clones. All names and brands of the above products are the property of their respective owners

Get Virtual space for Android Version 10

Vertical for Android 8 Virtual Space APK 9.0 Vertical for Android 8 Android 7

Best Virtual space Apps for Pubg Mobile 2020
Best Virtual space Apps for Pubg Mobile 2021


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