New Anti-Ban Hack For Pubg Mobile

By | July 20, 2021

New Anti-Ban Hack For Pubg Mobile



The team behind the global hit tactical tournament game PUBG MOBILE is introducing another fraudulent move today in response to a recently identified hack. New Anti-Ban Hack For Pubg


Counter-Plugins Countermeasures have revealed that efforts to create a safe and fairly competitive environment have been further strengthened, and are actively treating newly identified exploits.


New Anti-Ban Hack For Pubg Mobile 


Below is an official statement from the PubB mobile team regarding this accuracy.


“Pub Mobile’s official team is dedicated to bringing you a proper game environment by punishing players who disturb this environment.



New Anti-Ban Hack For Pubg Mobile Addresses and Final Steps


On June 27, we received reports of a new type of hack that could cause a player to be disconnected during a match and kill other players after being dropped.


The hack upset the game. The PubMobile team immediately considered the matter, punished the accounts involved, and is currently taking steps to eliminate the hack.


As far as the law allows, we will investigate the developers of this hack, and we will punish the players who used it with a 10-year ban.



The PubMobile team will do its best to preserve the gaming experience for all players, and as such, we have zero tolerance for hacks and non-exploits.


We hope to follow all the rules and maintain a fair atmosphere of the game.


The anti-fraud announcement comes after PUBG MOBILE recently unveiled anti-fraud measures. Earlier in July, a redesigned spotlight was introduced to better identify and remove players who exhibited suspicious behavior. The new spotlight mode was followed by an observation duration, which also implemented a proper gameplay environment.


We see that the team is working hard to protect fair gameplay as a result of identifying and punishing more hackers.


Pub is available for free download on the Mobile App Store and Google Play.


About Pub Mobile


Pub Mobile Player is based on the battle of Nunes, a trend that took the world of interactive entertainment by storm in 2017. More than 100 players parachute to the remote island to fight in all of the winning team’s showdowns.


Players must locate and search their weapons, vehicles, and supplies, and defeat each player on a field of weakness and strategy that forces players to shrink.




New Anti-Ban Hack For Pubg Mobile Addresses and Final Steps

Pubg Hack

New Anti-Ban Hack For Pubg Mobile


Virtual space for pubg mobile




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