PUBG Mobile VS PUBG Console play Who is the best?

By | September 27, 2020

PUBG Mobile VS PUBG Console play Who is the best version to play?

Pubg Mobile’s New Era update has revolutionized the game extensively graphically, and believe me, it was necessary. Brand new models and textures for many game environments, especially in Orange, the most infamous PUBG maps, and upgrades that make the game compatible with the PC version. PUBG Mobile VS PUBG Console play Who is the best version to play?

When PUBG Mobile first launched, it was not at all incredible. Now, it looks like you can play on mobile. More image options than ever before, better framerate options, lush vegetation in the environment, and more. The best game ever on mobile is PUBG Mobile New Era.

Now, compare it to the console version. I’m playing on the PS4 Pro, and, well, it’s a mixed bag. At times the game sounds really, really good. Other times, I would climb on top of a building before it could load itself. A strange state of affairs, and a state of affairs that would frighten me when I see base consoles.

And that’s because of the patchwork that has brought the Xbox One version of the game to a much better standard than it was when it was launched. Everything that is considered is far from perfect. But hey, PubG Mobile? Looks better than ever.


Of course right now this mostly depends on what kind of device you are using. If you are playing PUBG on the console, you should expect a very stable framerate, if nothing else. Emphasize the “if nothing” part of this sentence, because it is locked at 30 fps.

It’s not a death sentence by any means, but after spending some time at 60 fps like Apex Legends, you find it hard to hold on to 30 fps.

In the meantime, PUBG Mobile has increased the framerate options in the past, but not solid 60. So far. With the New Era update, and a good mobile device, you can play this game at 60FPS or better, depending on what your phone can handle.

Once you’ve played the game at 60FPS on your phone, you’ll be amazed at what’s wrong with the console version.

Game modes

Outside of the usual usual solo / duet / squad fight royal modes, PUBG offers some more fun ways to spend your time with you, and it’s beautiful. The problem is that most of them really suck.

On the console you have the basic battle modes, in addition to the Team Death Match mode, which is, in a nutshell, really bad, in the Third and First Personal perspectives. As it turns out, Team Death Match Fight eliminates the whole concept of Royal.

Once you get bored of the main game, there are an amazing number of game modes in the game. Gun Game, Arcade, Domination, Arena, Eve Ground, and yes, Team Death Match. I may not be a big fan of them, but it’s great that I actually have options in my game.

Pubg mobile Kr
Pubg mobile KR

complex It’s not easy for a controller to translate a complete mouse and keyboard with a complex game like PUBG, and the team has been struggling to make it work since the release of the Xbox One version of the game.

As it stands now, it works, but not surprisingly. You can play dozens of matches and still accidentally press the wrong button, forget which DPad button is for the grenade or your side arm, confuse ADS for general purpose (tapping the left trigger) (Holding the left stimulus) etc. It’s amazing at the point where almost every button has a different function when pressed, held or quickly tapped.

Compare this to the simplicity of PUBG mobile. Yes, you will have a lot of confusing icons on your screen, but unlike PUBG on any other system, what you can do is in front of you and you should never make a mistake in your bag. Will , Or another player, when you try to return some goods. Simplicity is key here, and in PUBG Mobile it makes sense.

To draw conclusions

o So what is my conclusion here? In fact, it is a mixed bag. PUBG looks much better on consoles than the more advanced and “serious” version, but it also compromises compared to PC comparisons.

In contrast, PUBG Mobile is built for mobile, works well, and is better than ever, like the New Era update.

So in the end I’m not sure who I would recommend more, but you will definitely find a more ideal and suitable experience with PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile VS PUBG Console play Who is the best version to play?


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